• Great importance is given to reinforce cultural understanding and to get to know each other by our International Student Days!
  • International students were invited to Iftar Dinner, tohave a stronger dialog and better understanding of each other.
  • The 8th Graduation Ceremony of the Istanbul Aydın University, held in Sinan Erdem sport complex, has been celebrated with great enthusiasm. IAU President Dr. Mustafa Aydın, the professors and the administrative personnel stood with the graduates at this exultant day. The ceremony launched with the introduction of every university department and continued with a moment of silence and the Turkish national anthem. After the introduction speech, held by the Rector Prof. Dr. Yadigar Izmirli, IAÜ President Dr. Mustafa Aydın took over the stage and made great impression on the auditorium with his speech. Describing them as the army of lights, he sent off the new graduates into life with the most precious treasure of the dowry chest namely know-how and knowledge and didn’t miss it to remember them about their accountabilities to the public and the country. Shortly after their wedding ceremony, the newly married student couple arrived at the Graduation Ceremony, which constituted a premiere for the university. Attending the ceremony with their wedding dress and suites, the new graduates eternalized the happiest day of their live by taking a photograph with the University’s President Dr. Mustafa Aydın and the graduation certificate in their hand.
  • The winner of Nobel peace prize, Tevekkül Karman has joined the teaching staff of Istanbul Aydin University


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