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IAU International Education Week

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As Istanbul Aydın University, it is our pleasure to invite you to a special event taking place on the 21st of March, 2017 at Istanbul Aydın University, Florya Campus: International Education Week: Exchange of Experience, dedicated to the Erasmus+ Programme and to other mobility programs that allow worldwide students and staff mobility.

Like our previous edition, the special event is dedicated to you, our esteemed colleagues, involved in Erasmus+ and International Relations management of your university as well as your esteemed colleagues managing short term programs and international students’ recruitment.

The International Education Week: Exchange of Experience event will comprise of individual meetings and networking, the "Importance of short term programs in the light of internationalization" workshop set to discuss the factors affecting success of short study programs and the synergy of converting short study programs into recruitment and various Erasmus+ Projects, followed by an the Erasmus+ Fest during which you can promote to our students and academicians your study programs, Erasmus+ projects and short term programs.

Your invaluable contribution to our International Education Week: Exchange of Experience Event will be highly appreciated and you will have the chance to:

  • Increase you knowledge on how to conduct, promote and collaborate on different Student Mobility Programs programs such as Erasmus+, winter and summer schools, specialized training courses, local tradition and cultural programs and certificate programs.
  • get the chance to directly promote your Student Mobility Programs to the nearly 40.000 IAU students through our Erasmus+ Fest

Please note that there is no registration fee for our event and that our Erasmus+ Department is ready to assist you with all necessary documents, should you decide to use for funding the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Programme or the Organizational Budget.  We would very much appreciate if you could fill out the online registration form and share with us your Erasmus+ STA and/or STT work plan forms, signed and stamped accordingly no later than the 15th of March, 2017.

In addition to your participation to our International Education Week: Exchange of Experience Event, we would also like to offer you a complementary entrance pass to EURIE 2017 (March 22-24, 2017) https://www.eurieeducationsummit.com/ . This complementary entrance pass could constitute for your university an opportunity to develop collaborations, joint projects, student and academic exchange schemes with universities from all over the world and overall create new opportunities for your institution for the future.

The Online registration form including information on accommodation is available here

We look forward to see you in Istanbul at this prestigious event and should you have any additional inquiries please feel free to contact us at erasmus@aydin.edu.tr

Erasmus+ Office

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