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  • 2015-2016/2016-2017 Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Applications are open
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Required Documents
Upon Application
1) Application Form (Approved by Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator/Head of Department/Dean of Faculty)
2) Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching / Training Mobilty Agreement (Signed and Stamped by Host Institution/Organization) (Content of the teaching / training program must be mentioned day by day)
3) Letter of Acceptance (Signed and Stamped by Host Institution/Organization)
Prior to Departure
1) Bank Account (Euro) 
2) Visa Letter (if needed, provided from Erasmus+ Office)
3) Copy of Passport
4) Copy of Visa 
5) Grant Agreement for Erasmus+ Staff Mobility
Upon Return
1) Final Report submitted 
2) Certificate of Attendance submitted
3) Boarding Pass